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MacroGoblin Crafting Bots

MacroGoblin is a bot making or macro designing tool that can easily help you make MMO crafting bots. There are also pre-made MMORPG crafter bots such as the EQ2 Crafting Bot. MacroGoblin can use any combination of log file reading, pixel color monitoring, and even memory reading to get the info it needs from your MMO game to craft intelligently. MMO platinum and gold will come easy when using MacroGoblin to auto craft.

But you get much more than a simple MMO crafting bot to level your crafter when you purchase MacroGoblin. The program can be made to automate any game or window on multiple computers simultaneously! All commands are set up with the GUI. No scripting/programming is necessary. This isn’t a program that does just one thing, it’s a program that can do almost anything.
For more information on pre-made available bots see the Featured Bots page.
Crafting Bot
EQ2 Crafting Bot EQ2 Crafting Bot
With MacroGoblin, it was easy to make an EQ2 crafting bot. When using your EverQuest 2 crafting macro, MacroGoblin can read EQ2’s log file live and detect the most detailed things that are happening and react intelligently to them . The EQ2 crafting macro can also be configured to react to any complications that may arise. Furthermore, we use pixel monitors to make sure you’re fully healed and rested before continuing to the next craft item. For more information on this bot go to the EQ2 tradeskill bot page.

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