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MacroGoblin MMORPG Bots

MacroGoblin is a much like a MMO bot-designing studio program that can easily help you create MMORPG bots for any purpose without scripting or programming. There are also pre-made MMORPG macros circulating within the community. MacroGoblin can use any combination of log file reading, pixel color monitoring, and even memory reading to get the info it needs from your MMO game to bot intelligently. With MacroGoblin, you can often find crafting bots, mage macros, cleric bots, hunter macros, grinding bots, healing macros, two boxing bots, full group macros and much more. Whatever you can't find on the forums you can likely create.

You may wish to use MacroGoblin to bot a single game but you get much more than one MMO bot when you purchase MacroGoblin. The program can be made to automate multiple games, on multiple computers, simultaneously! All commands are set up with the GUI, no scripting or programming is needed – just point and click to set up your commands. This isn’t a program that does just one thing, it’s a program that can do almost anything. 

For more information on pre-made available bots see the Featured Bots page. 
MacroGoblin MMO Bots
EQ2 Crafting Bot EQ2 Bots

SOE's Everquest 2 is a great MMO that's still popular. With MacroGoblin you can read EQ2's log file live, monitor pixel colors, and read memory. All of this means that you can make extremely powerful EQ2 macros with MacroGoblin.
  • Our most popular EQ2 bot is EQ2 Goblin. It's a smart memory reading bot that navigates, kills mobs, heals, buffs, harvests, uses pets and much more. For more information check out the EQ2 Bot page.
  • There are also many boxing assistant bots available for healing and fighting healing. These bots can heal even a full group intelligently, if you wish. One example is the Goblin Battle Priest bot. Everquest 2 cleric bots, also known as EQ2 healing bots, are widely available.
  • Make an EQ2 hunting bot or an EQ2 grinding bot by simply monitoring the healthbar and powerbar while fighting. Everquest 2 hunting bots will level you quickly.
  • Level more characters with you by using one of the many EQ2 two box bots. An example of an EQ2 two boxing macros is Goblin Wicked Duo. An example of an EQ2 four box macro is Goblin Ferocious Trio. It's even easy to create an EQ2 six boxing macro with MacroGoblin.
  • The Everquest 2 Crafting Bot is an EQ2 crafting bot that is ready for use.

AoC Bots Age of Conan Bots

Our most popular AoC bot is a self-navigating grind bot called 'AoC Goblin'. This AoC Bot is an all-in-one AoC harvesting bot and AoC Leveling bot. This AoC bot has many rich features.

LoTRO Bot LoTRO Bots
Lord of the Rings Online macros are easy to design with MacroGoblin. There are many LoTRO macros circulating around the community. Lord of the Rings Online Bots will help you get the levels and money you need.
  • There are plenty of pre-made LoTRO healer bots. The LoTRO minstrel bots works by monitoring pixels in your healthbar. One example is the Goblin Shaman Warmonger.
  • There are a few versions of the LoTRO healing bot including an aggressive healer and a healer & mage bot combo.
  • Create a LoTRO hunter bot or a LoTRO grinding bot by monitoring your healthbar and powerbar pixels during a fight. LoTRO hunting bots get you the levels you need very quickly.
  • You can easily use one of the many LoTRO two boxing bots with MacroGoblin. Using them, you can level up multiple characters. It doesnt stop with two-boxing, you can even six-box with MacroGoblin if you wish. Some examples are the Goblin Wicked Duo and Goblin Ferocious Trio.

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