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LotRO Fighting Healer Master v1.0
Author: Goblin Development 
This is basically the same as the "General Fighting Healer Master" but has been pre-configured to work with LotRO. This Fighting Healer bot was designed to provide people with a powerful Fighting-Healer base to expand upon, but it is fully functional all by itself as well. This is a Fighting Healer that is meant to autofollow your tank. The healer plays on a second computer, and you play the tank yourself on the main computer. The Healer is controlled through your Local Area Network (LAN) by the Host computer, which is your main computer where the tank is being played.

This bot works great as is, but  the interface was purposefully left simple so that there are not too many routines to understand. If you  want buttons that will do simple things, you can add them easily. There is very detailed technical information provided , with this bot download in the .zip file, in case you want to fully understand how it works so that you can edit it or customize it. But that technical information is not required knowledge to run the bot successfully.

  • This bot has Fight Detection, so it will not need to be turned On before a battle, and Off after a  battle.
  • The Healer on the Second computer heals itself and the the Tank which is on the Main Computer.
  • The Healer casts aggressive spells if no healing is needed AND if the healer's Power-Monitor pixel is  not black.
  • The Healer will do a Group heal, if both the Tank and the Healer need healed.
  • The healer will not cast aggressive spells if the Healer's power is too low.
  • The healer will not cast aggressive spells unless a Fight is detected. A fight is detected by the  "Fight Detection Pixel"
  • Simple Design, so hopefully it's easier to build off of. Just 2 buttons control this bot On and Off.

How it Works (Quick version):
All pixels are read from your Tank's game window. So, everything is really being done on the host's side (Main Computer). Commands that you want your healer to do are sent through the Network live from routines on the host.

The healer casts spells on the mobs by targeting the tank, which is targeting the mob. So, you must have the healer's target-forwarding on, or whatever it's called.

During setup you'll be telling the bot what position and size you want your game window at, setting the positions of the pixels to monitor on your game window, and setting up your healing routines, and your fighting routine.

Most things have already been configured for LotRO. The main thing you'll need to do is change the positions of the pixels that you're going to monitor on your game window. And then you'll need to set the keypresses and/or mouseclicks and pauses in your healing routine, group heal routine, Fighting Routine, and targetting keys. The settings page should take you through this.

To set this bot up, open up the "Settings and Description" window in MacroGoblin (Edit => Settings and  Description), and follow the instructions on the right, for each setting.

Those who have MacroGoblin can download this bot Here.

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